Phew, I had to get outside for some fresh air! Things have been so tense lately. I guess that’s politics for ya! Let’s liven things up a bit, huh?


“Parker, what have you got there? Some mail?”

Yes, it’s a London postcard from Sandy after his Stuffie Tours gig as a tour guide. It’s a really great postcard, with a nice photo collage on it. Thanks Sandy! You did a great job as tour guide. I’m sure Little Fox had a terrific time.


“A package?”

“Who is it from?”

That’s Jerry and Ben’s signature drawing on the back!

Oooh… ahhh…

They sent me a bunch of fun stuff from their Halloween Costume Contest. There’s a certificate, some stickers, a bear pin, some bear stationery, leaf coasters, candy, and teddy bear mints!

What a fun haul! Thanks Jerry and Ben for the package! Receiving fun mail is the perfect way to cheer up your day!


  1. You really won’t like that Bun, it tastes awful. Me an Jelly recommend you send it to us so we can dispose of it for you. You won’t like it. Not at all. Nope. Send it to us instead. …….. you know it’s for the best……!!


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