Election Results


So it’s been almost a week since the election. Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t given my concession speech yet. Well, the reason is because I believe that every vote counts. And the last time I checked, the votes are still being counted!

Let’s check in with our election official, Ooogie.

“Twoooo miiillllioooon, threeeee huuundreeed fooorty seeveeeeen thouuusaaaand, niiinne huundreeed fiffffty oooone….”

“Hey Ooogie! How’s it going?”

“Hiiii Ajjddiiiin.”

“Do you need any help counting the ballots?” I asked. I picked up a ballot.

“Nooooo…. youuu’reee noooot alllooowedd to tooouucccch theeeem…. thaaaat’s eleeeectiion taaampeeerringgg…”

“Oh whoops!” I said.

“Ooohhh nooooo,” said Ooogie. “I looooost cooount.”


“I haaaave toooo staaaartt ovvvver….”


“Onnnnneeeee…. twwwoooooooo…. threeeeee…”

Well, at this rate, it looks like it will take about 4 years to count all the votes! In the meantime, I’m going to have a snack!



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