Happy New Year & book giveaway


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Best wishes for 2017!

Let’s start off 2017 with a book giveaway! I am giving away this book right here. It’s called A Walk in the Woods. I have not read this book so I can’t really review it, but it must be a good book because there is a picture of a bear on the cover, right?

To enter this giveaway:

1) Comment on this post with a) your favorite memory of 2016 and b) something you hope to do in 2017.

2) You can also email your entry to ajdinthebosnianbear (at) gmail (dot) com.

2) Entries must be received by January 14, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST.

3) A winner will be randomly chosen.

4) Good luck!


  1. Hi!

    My favourite memmory from 2016 was when I gave my mother her first own iPad. We live in different contries so we skype a lot, but she has had to borrow a friends computer for that. She was so happy to be able sto skype me and read on the Ipad.

    Next year I hope to get fit, loose some weight and run the Dublin Marathon. It is a huge goal and I’m not sure I will make it. But I will try.
    I also want to go back and vidit my family in Sweden. I miss them since I havent been back home in soon over a year.

  2. Hi, Ajdin!

    My favorite memories from 2016 were all of my travels. 2016 was a year of firsts for me, from holding down a full-time job for a whole year, working my part-time library job for ten years, and traveling to three new places I had never been to before. I loved Toronto the most. I met a friend and made some new friends. I loved it so much that I am planning to move there. I took my English exam and did everything for permanent residency.

    I just need a job to finalize immigration. A job will secure an invite to a province. I will be applying for jobs so I can move to Toronto in 2017. It’ll be a very busy year.

    Love your blog! Happy New Year, my dear friend! ~Jessica


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