Japanese candy kit


Hello everyone! Today, I am going to show you this wonderful Japanese candy kit I got for Christmas. My mom has always told me not to play with my food, but we are going to make an exception here… because this is a moldable candy kit!

The box is in Japanese.

Hmm… so this is going to be a slight challenge, because I cannot read Japanese. I will have to do my best just following the pictures.

So it looks like there are different colored types of candy, and some molds. The candy feels like the consistency of Starburst candies.

We need to roll the candy into little balls, then put them in the mold.

Just like this!

Now we just give it a firm squeeze, like so…

And after we open the top mold, the candy will be in the shape that we want! There is some excess candy we have to trim off.

After we mold all our pieces, we can stick them together. Hey, how does this finished piece look?

Here’s a closer look – it’s a horse! (Unfortunately, there was no bear mold in this candy kit.) Now I have to wash my sticky paws! As for the candy, it looks too cute to eat!


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