Hey everyone! I am long overdue for some mail updates!

(It’s been so long since my last blog… I’m not sure I remember how to blog. I guess I’ll just sit here and look cute. That always seems to work.)

I received a postcard from Philadelphia. This postcard was sent by a new friend named Jessica.

Jessica also took the time to write me a letter. She has a teddy bear named Wesley Bear who also travels with her. See? Traveling bears and stuffies are really becoming quite common. I will have to ask Jessica if Wesley Bear has a blog also.

Next is a postcard sent by Little Fox from his trip to Canyonlands National Park in Utah. It looks like an amazing place to visit! You can read about his trip here.

And last but not least is a postcard from Jerry and Ben… from sunny Puerto Rico! From the looks of this post, they sure got a nice tan!

Thanks for the mail everyone!


  1. YAY! Glad you enjoyed your postcard. Sadly, Wesley doesn’t have his own blog, but I do include him in my blog.

    I also loved what you sent to me. In June, I will respond!


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