Summer Road Trip in Utah and Arizona


Hey everyone, my secretary finally got around to getting some photos together from our summer road trip in Utah and Arizona so I can do a blog post. It’s about time! Okay, let me show you what we did.

I flew into Las Vegas, Nevada where I met up with my friend Droopy and we started our road trip from there to Utah. My secretary did not do a good job of captioning the photos (sigh), so I don’t remember exactly where each one was taken, but we visited several national parks, including Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Canyonlands, and the Arches.

It was beary hot when we visited the parks, some days reaching 117 F! It was a rugged outing, so looks like a job for my Bear Cub Scout uniform. I wonder if Bear Cub Scout Leader Uncle Tibbs will give me a hiking badge for this.

My fur seems to blend in with the red dirt, doesn’t it?

I sat down on some rocks, only to find that it was so hot and burned my bum!

Some of these rocks look like they could topple over at any moment. If that’s the case, then I’m outta here!

This one too… yikes.

We stopped at a scenic view on the side of the road and also met some Navajo indians who were selling some of their handmade arts and crafts. They have beary beautiful jewelry and pottery. Take a look! I saw a lot of bear items because the bear is a sacred animal to the indians and symbolizes strength and courage. (Yes, I agree.)  🙂

Okay, let’s see what else we’ll find on this trip…


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