Summer Road Trip, part 2


Next up on our road trip was a stop at Bryce Canyon National Park. I was so busy taking pictures of the park that I forgot to take a selfie here. That reminds me, I need to get a stuffie-sized selfie stick. Does anyone have one?

This is the Bryce Canyon Ampitheater. You can see millions of years of nature’s work sculpting and molding rocks into interesting shapes.

The rocks look like little statues up close, but they are all natural!

The formations that look like little clumps stacked on top of each other are called hoodoos. They erode at a rate of 2-4 feet every 100 years.

Oh, hello there! I met a friendly squirrel who was also taking in the sights.

Okay, so we’re having a great trip so far, but time for a quick stop to get some snacks. Look at what I found – HONEY STINGER energy bars. Have you had these before? They have honey in them so it must be good.

After a quick refuel, we continued on our road trip and stopped at Dead Horse Point. Hmm, I don’t like the sound of this place. At least it’s not Dead Bear Point?  *gulp*

Wow, just wow…

The view seems to change every 2 minutes with the sun and the shadows.

This is not a Photoshopped image!

Wow! Look at how the river bends 180 degrees!

Let’s keep going on our road trip…


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