Summer Road Trip, part 3


Alright, my secretary forgot to finish the conclusion of my Summer Road Trip posts from two months ago (thus leading to her firing), so I’ll finish it here!

As we continued on our trip, the weather just seemed to get hotter and hotter! The thermometer says it is 114 degrees Fahrenheit outside! Too hot for a stuffie, that’s for sure.

Here is a beautiful unnamed scenic viewpoint (my former secretary did not take adequate notes). It’s a long way down, and no fences or railings – so we had to be beary careful looking out over the edge!

We continued our trip in our thankfully air-conditioned car! Hey, do you see those interesting looking things? They are huge! They look like dinosaurs or something…

… no, they’re not dinosaurs – they’re beary huge rock formations!

This place is called Monument Valley. Lots of Western films were shot here – think John Wayne films!

Wow, unbelievable! There was a dirt road going down into the valley but we didn’t drive down there.

After we spent some time there, we continued in our car. The scenery has changed quite a bit now. I see lots of fancy hotels… where could we be?

Whoa, this is Las Vegas! We stayed at the Venetian hotel.

I was amazed by the opulence.

I could get used to this.

Nothing but the best for a stuffie, right?

One should deserve to live in the lap of luxury.

Five dollar bottles of water. What every stuffie deserves.

Alright, time for me to unwind. I’m going to order some nice room service and then head down to the casino later! Glad you could come with me on my road trip!


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