Black Friday


Oh, hey there! I’m standing here on line at a local Best Buy before they open for Black Friday.

The day after Thanksgiving (sometimes even right after Thanksgiving dinner), a lot of humans and stuffies hit the stores for good deals. The holiday shopping season has begun! This is how we get into the Christmas spirit, right?

I have heard lots of stories about chaotic Black Friday shopping scenes, but this seems to be a good group of polite, respectable stuffies. There is no pushing or shoving, but the line is long and goes around the corner of the block!

They are getting ready to open their doors!

Maybe I’ll get a new big-screen TV, or an XBox, or — HEY WATCH IT! OWWWW!

The thought of deep discounts instantly turned the calm crowd into a group of wild bandits.


I was trampled by a fierce group of credit card-wielding customers.

I sensed an opening and crawled my way out of the dog pile.


This is madness! Is it really worth it? Is this what Christmas is all about?

Uncle Tibbs warned me about this – I’m going home!


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