2018 Stuffie Winter Olympians


Hey everyone, the 2018 Stuffie Winter Olympics have come to a close! Let’s take a look at some of the courageous stuffie Olympians who entered this year’s contest!

First up is Sandy who bravely gave it his all in the SPRINGBOARD SNOW PILE DIVE. This is a new event to me, but looks like great fun! Sandy, are you okay?


Next is Droopy and friends with DOGSLEDDING. It looks like Droopy and Patch are leading the team, and Spunky and Grandpa are in the back. I especially like the blue and white snow landscape!


Jerry and Ben also entered the WINTER HIKING event! Here they are, all decked out in their winter gear – looking great, guys! This also seems like an event Little Fox would have liked to enter.


And next, we have Martin MurmelTier with the MARMOT CURLING TEAM. The judges love the straw handles on these handmade curling stones!

Okay, so the gold medal goes to… (drumroll please)…


Yes, everyone has won a prize! Thanks for entering this year’s Stuffie Winter Olympics contest. I will be mailing your prize beary soon!


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