Update: Uncle Tibbs


A few months ago, we found Uncle Tibbs lying on the couch. He seemed to be in pretty bad shape at the time and quite stressed out.

It’s always good to check-in with friends to see how they are doing in challenging times, so let’s see what he is up to now.

Ah, there he is! He’s… lying down… oh no… this is not looking good.

“Uncle Tibbs, are you okay?” I asked. He did not respond!

I moved closer.

“Uncle Tibbs…?”

Ah-a! Uncle Tibbs can’t hear me because he is listening to nice, relaxing music on his earphones. He also has fresh cucumber slices on his eyes to cool any inflammation.

And he is being served fresh water with a slice of citrus on the side!

This looks like a wonderful spa treatment for Uncle Tibbs! We’ll just leave him alone to enjoy it and won’t bother him this time.

And hey… this looks so nice… I’d like to have one myself…

Remember to RELAX everybody!

Also, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes last week! I received some cool stuff in the mail and will show you soon next time!


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