Colorado, part 2


Let’s continue on our Colorado trip! Next, I went with my mom to Pike’s Peak, which is a mountain in Colorado Springs that rises over 14,000 feet high!

Here is a Big Foot Xing sign. I didn’t see him though.

We drove up the mountain and stopped many times to take photos. There is the summit in the background! We drove up to 12,000 feet and took a shuttle the rest of the way to the summit.

And here I am at the summit! 14,115 feet to be exact. I have never been up this high before (except when flying in an airplane).

It is SOOOO windy at the top here! Unghhh… I think I might fly away… AHH… somebody help me…

Oh phew, my mom is holding me here. She would be beary upset if I was blown away.

Not a bad view, eh? Though it is a little hard to breathe up here, and the snack supplies are running low, so I think we should go down.

We drove down Pike’s Peak and then headed toward Aspen.

This mountain range behind me is known as the Collegiates because they are named after universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia.

It took us twice as long as expected to reach Aspen because we stopped to take so many pictures.

Now at this point, something terrible happened to our camera. It did not sync photos properly and the rest of the photos – particularly the ones with me in them – were deleted. (This is what happens when a stuffie is not in charge of things). It was beary upsetting, but I was able to salvage a few more photos from the trip.

Colorado National Monument in Fruita, CO

Independence Pass

Maroon Bells, Aspen



Dillon Reservoir

I hope you enjoyed this Colorado adventure!


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