Fun stuff!


Hey, I got some fun stuff to show ya!

My friend Au Fox from Indonesia recently sent me this cool cactus pen in the mail.

On the envelope, I noticed that he also has his own postage stamp. It looks like he is attempting to do a cartwheel or flip or some kind.

Next, I received a cool Stanley the Bear pen from my Aunt Joyce who recently went on a cruise. Did you know that Princess Cruises has a mascot named Stanley the Bear? He gets to travel all around the world going to exotic places!

Here’s another picture of Stanley. Okay, I’ve gotta admit… I am just a tiny bit jealous of Stanley. He is a bear that knows how to live it up! I really must ask my mom to go on more trips.

I also received a postcard in the mail from a new hedgehog friend, Cindy Cheesecakestein. She recently went on vacation to Cape Cod – how lovely!

Thank you for the fun stuff, everyone!


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