H.I.V.E. Headquarters


Pssst! Agent Ajdin here.

A few days ago, I received an urgent TOP SECRET message from Agent Ooogie requesting that I go to H.I.V.E. Headquarters to meet the director! (H.I.V.E. stands for “Honey is Vital for Existence.”)

I am at HIVE Headquarters right now waiting to meet the spy director. I have never met him before. HIVE is the most elite spy agency in the world! Only the best of the best of the best stuffies get to become secret agents for HIVE. I wonder what he is like. He must be extremely intelligent and clever and brave and…

“Mrs. Tibbs?”

“Oh hello Ajdin!” she said sweetly.

“You? You’re the Director of HIVE?” I couldn’t believe it. HIVE was involved in some of the most complex international espionage cases dealing with some of the worst criminal networks out there. And Mrs. Tibbs was the nicest stuffie.

“Yes, that’s right!” she said.

“MOM???” Uncle Tibbs couldn’t believe it either. “I thought… I thought… I thought you owned a catering business!

“Oh, that was just a cover company!” she said. “Come now, don’t look so surprised!”

“I… still… can’t… believe… it…” Uncle Tibbs shook his head.

“WOW, YOUR MOM IS SO COOL!!” I was beary excited.

Suddenly, I saw someone sneak up behind Mrs. Tibbs and try to steal one of HIVE’s honey jars.

“Mrs. Tibbs, look out behind –” I tried to warn her. But I didn’t need to.


With speed and power like nothing I’ve ever seen before, Mrs. Tibbs knocked out the intruder cold with a combination of judo and muay thai moves.

“Oh thank you, Ajdin,” she said, “but I saw that one coming from a mile away.” She adjusted her scarf.

“Okay, let’s get down to business,” she continued. “The reason I had you come to HIVE Headquarters was to attend some briefings on upcoming missions. There are concerning developments in the honey trade that we’ve been monitoring…”

Mrs. Tibbs. Mom to Uncle Tibbs. Fantastic cook. Enjoys knitting.

And also… Director of HIVE, international spy agency.

Who would have thought?



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