Icelandic króna


I forgot to show you some Icelandic króna (ISK) that I had leftover from my trip to Iceland! In Scandinavian countries, “krona” means “crown” and because these countries had kings, the currency had their crown on them. (1 USD is equal to approximately 124 ISK)

On the 500 ISK bill is Jón Sigurðsson (1811-1879). Iceland’s leading politician during the country’s fight for independence, Jón is commonly referred to as “president” Jón, even if he lived and died before Iceland ever had a president.

Ok, now are you ready to see some coins?

These are really cool coins, I promise you!

Do you notice anything interesting about these coins? They have fish on them! In Iceland, for the longest time, fish was the foundation of Iceland’s economy. Here I have a 10 ISK, 50 ISK, and 100 ISK coin. The 10 ISK coin has the capelin fish on it, the 50 ISK coin has a crab on it, and the 100K ISK has a lumpfish on it. I also did some research and found that the 5 ISK coin has dolphins on it.

I wonder if there is any currency out there with bears on it…


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