Iceland, part 2


Here I am at Þingvellir National Park. This area is located in a rift valley created by the drifting apart of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. These plates are moving apart at a rate of 0.8 inches annually.

Now I’m at Skógafoss – a beautiful waterfall! According to legend, the first Viking settler buried a treasure chest in a cave behind this waterfall. Supposedly some locals were able to find this treasure chest, but only for a moment and were only able to grasp a ring attached to the side of the chest before it vanished again! The ring is now in a museum.So…  was there actually a treasure chest? Hmm… sounds like a case for Sherlock Sandy.

Now our tour guide is taking us to Sólheimajökull, a glacier very close several volcanoes in Iceland, the most notable called Katla. I hope it doesn’t erupt while we are visiting!

Phew, this is a long hike for a stuffie. I’m going to take a break.

We’re almost there – can you see it in the background?

There it is! I saw some tourists with crampons and other glacier hiking gear, but we just opted for the main trail. It’s a bit chilly as we get closer to the glacier – I’m glad I have my coat with me!

And after that long hike, it’s time for a snack! I enjoyed checking out the Icelandic supermarket.

They have a lot of snacks I recognize here – Iceland gets good reviews for snacks!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed the trip to Iceland! Hopefully some postcards I sent have arrived by now!



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