Backseat driver


    I noticed we were running low on honey so I’m going to take a ride in my car to the grocery store.

    Wanna come? It’s a great day for a spin!

    “Are you going to the store, Ajdin?” asked Miss Feathers. “I need some birdseed.”

    “Hop in – I’ll give you a ride!” I said.

    “Heeeyyy, areeee youuuu goooooing toooo theeeee stoooore? I neeeeeeed sooome tuuuurtle waaax,” said Ooogie.

    “Sure, you can ride with us!” I said.

    We watched Ooogie get into the car.

    “Okay, everyone please buckle up!” I said.

    I pressed on the gas pedal.

    “Ajdin, can you please go a bit faster?” asked Miss Feathers. “At this speed, we’ll never get to the store.”

    “Sure.” The speedometer went from 10 mph to 15 mph.

    “Tooooo faaaast,” said Ooogie. “Pleeeeease sloooow doooown.”

    I let up on the gas and came down to 5 mph.

    “We are going so slowly! Let’s go faster, like 60 miles per hour!” said Miss Feathers.

    I pressed on the gas.

    “Whyyy areee youuu in suuuuch a hurryyyy?” asked Ooogie. “Sloooow is the wayyy tooo gooo.”

    I pressed on the brakes.



    Miss Feathers and Ooogie began arguing.

    “Please everyone, stop!” I pulled over. “This isn’t working. One of you wants to go fast and one of you wants to go slow. And I’m the one driving here – this is beary confusing!”

    (Have you had a backseat driver before?)

    “Oh, I’m sorry Ajdin,” said Miss Feathers. “I didn’t mean to confuse you! You know, it’s such a beautiful day. I think I’ll fly to the store. I don’t mind at all. I’ll see you two back home later!”

    She zoomed away with a few flaps of her wings.

    “Okay Ooogie, it’s just you and me now. We can drive at your speed if you’d like,” I said.

    “I thiiiiink I couuuuld useeee soooome exeeeercise. I wiiiiill waaaaaalk toooo theee stoooore. Seeee youuuu laaaater,” he said.

    “But that will take you a long time!” I insisted.

    “Everyyythingggg taaaakes meeee a loooong tiiiime,” he replied.

    He got out of the car.

    “See you later, Ooogie,” I said.

    “Byyeeee Ajdiiin.”

    Well, so much for carpooling. I guess sometimes it’s easier for everyone to do their own thing, right?


    I like to take my time

    I mean that when I want to do a thing
    I like to take my time and do it right

    I mean I might just make mistakes

    If I should have to hurry up and so

    I like to take my time




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