Billy Goat Trail


Today I am going to hike the Billy Goat Trail in Maryland. Come with me! Here is the trailhead.

This trail has three sections, with section A being the most difficult. That’s the one we’re doing today. It has a lot of rock scrambling. Are you up to the challenge?

I’m wearing my Bear Cub Scout uniform today. Maybe I can earn a hiking badge for this.

The Billy Goat Trail is next to the Potomac River. During the spring and summer, you can see a lot of kayakers take on the currents here.

Yeah, now we are getting to see some neat rock formations on the side of the river!

Wow, these boulders are huge!

Okay, now we have reached the trickiest part of the trail. It’s a downclimb all the way to the bottom.

I’m going to go down… er…

…actually, I’m going to hop in my mom’s backpack and let her do this one! She has climbed this many times before.

Okay, here we are at the bottom. I did a good job shouting words of encouragement!

It’s a great view, isn’t it?

Maybe next year, I can try kayaking.

This part of the river is a bit dried up.

Now we are almost back at the parking lot – look at this sunset over the lake!

Thanks for coming on this hike with me!


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