Stray hair


Something that’s been bothering me lately is this annoying stray hair on my ear.

Do you see it?

It’s been bugging me for many months, so today I will actually do something about it. A good brushing should tame it, I think.

Yes, there it goes!


Hmm, no that didn’t seem to work. It popped back up again.

Okay, I am going to have my mom help me hair spray it into place. That should do the trick, I think.


What! Did you see that just now? It popped back up again. Holy mackerel – mmm, mackerel – this thing is stubborn!

Okay, time for drastic measures. It’s time to trim this stray hair off once and for all.

My mom is wielding the scissors, and it seems that…

…the stray hair is moving…

…and just doesn’t want to be trimmed!

Well, I’m not sure what to do anymore. After all that, and I still can’t get rid of it? I give up!

Perhaps it doesn’t look so bad? What do you think?


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