Internet security


Hey everyone, today I’m going to talk about something that I’ve seen many humans struggle with — internet security. It’s also Safer Internet Day, so this makes for the perfect topic!

Now, how many of you have had trouble logging into an online account of some sort before? Raise your hand if I’m describing you.

If you forgot your password to an account, don’t worry, because there is usually a “forgot password” link that you can follow to recover your password. I’m going to do that now.

And sometimes, you’ll be asked to complete a CAPTCSA, which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Stuffies Apart. This one is simple math equation.

See, that’s all it takes to recover your —

Hey, wait a minute. Now I’m being asked to do another CAPTCSA. This one is asking me to identify all the farm animals in the picture.


Okay, that should be it then —


Huh? I just got a text message on my BlackBEARY.

I was just sent an authentication code via text message, which I now have to enter on my computer. Just bear with me… they seem to have added a couple more steps in retrieving passwords…

Let me just hit “enter” and we should be good to go —

What now??

I have to login to my bank account and verify two small deposits. Really?

Okay, done. Please tell me that’s it?

No, no it’s not. Now I got another code sent to me on my iPad.

But this should be the final step!


Now I’m being instructed to have my face scanned via this facial recognition app. This seems a bit intrusive, doesn’t it?

I found some old passwords written down on a post-it note. Maybe I could try some of them and see if they work?

Would someone just please let me into my account?

Isn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier?


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