Quarantine-At-Home Contest Winner!


Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I received some beary interesting entries for the Quarantine-At-Home Contest. It looks like many of you are keeping your humans busy at home. Make sure they make you lots of snacks.


The first entry is from Droopy, who says he has been doing more arts and crafts during quarantine, including making some Easter greeting cards to send to blog friends.

Those are some beary nice cards! In fact, I received mine in the mail the other day. Thank you, Droopy!




The next entry is from Sandy Bear, who has been a whirlwind assigning the Human To-Do List. First on his task list is painting!

Way to go, Sandy, for whipping those humans into shape…

Little Fox

Now we have a video submission from Little Fox, who has been making yogurt with his roommates. I have never made yogurt before, so I wonder how it tastes compared to yogurt you buy in a store.

Nice job, Little Fox! What will you make next? Bread?

Jerry and Ben

Our friends Jerry and Ben have been baking up a storm. Ben made Rolo Brownies for everyone. He says, “When people are feeling sad or anxious, a chocolate treat always helps!” I couldn’t agree more!

He was also nice enough to share the recipe below!

Emily the Monkey

And last but not least is an entry from my friend Emily the Monkey. Emily lives with my cousin Hermione who I found on Facebook several years ago. We were born in the same teddy bear factory. This is what Emily wrote:

“Marquee TV, an online streaming service that shows all kinds of artsy performances, is offering 30 days free while everyone is stuck at home, so we decided to check it out. It has Shakespeare performances from the Royal Shakespeare Company, and our fluffy family (and our human) love Shakespeare!

In fact, our human is an actress who has been in several Shakespeare plays. I was in one of those plays with her (I played the pirate monkey in Hamlet!). My bestest buddy, Hermione Beare, is a Shakesbear, a souvenir bear from Shakespeare & Company, a theater company in Massachusetts where our human studied Shakespeare acting. Hermione is partly named after the character in Harry Potter books, but she’s also named after the queen in Shakespeare’s play, The Winter’s Tale (which contains the excellent stage direction “Exit, pursued by a beare”). Our tiny monkey, Perdita, is named after Queen Hermione’s daughter in that play, and the tiny sock monkey, Florizel, is named after Perdita’s true love. Lavender Sleepsheep likes Shakespeare because he often writes nice things about sheep and shepherds in his plays. And Simon Gabriel, the knitted monkey in the blue sweater? Well, he’s English, and he’s very proud that Shakespeare is, too.

The first play we picked to watch is Richard II. We picked it because none of us have seen it before (It doesn’t get performed very often.) and because the king is played by this Scottish actor our human has a crush on. His name is David Tennant. His character in this play is terrible at being king, but he is a very good actor, and very pretty, so we’re enjoying the show.”

And the randomly chosen winner is…


Congratulations! You will be receiving a small prize soon. Thank you everyone for your entries, and I hope you keep busy having fun at home!


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