May the Fourth Be With You


Do you know what today is? It is a beary special day.

Yes, it is Monday. But that’s not it.

True, it is May 4th… you are getting closer. Any other guesses?

No? Well, I guess I’ll tell you then. Today is…


May the Fourth!

(as in May the Fourth be with you, the official Star Wars holiday)

Ajdin Salmonfisher here! To celebrate, I’ve decided to stop by the Mos Eisley Cantina for a drink. It looks like my favorite bartender has something special for me today.

It might be a little hard to see, but these are stormtrooper ice cubes! These ARE the stormtroopers I am looking for!

But wait – there’s more! This looks like…

…Captain Solo – frozen in carbonite!

These ice cubes are perfect for my Jedi ginger ale!

May the Fourth be with you!


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