Archaeological dig


Hello everyone! Bear Cub Scout Ajdin here, and today I’m taking part in an archaeological dig. My friend Captain Claude will be helping me out. We had a very successful treasure hunt last time we were on a pirate adventure together!

“Aaarrrr matey!” he said. “I have been in search of the long lost Pirate Stone of Unbelievable and Unimaginable Powers, or the PSUUP for short.”

“Maybe the PSUUP is in here!” I said.

Everything we need is in this kit, except for a hammer. Good thing my mom has one. She is also going to help with the hammering since it weighs more than I do.

Look, we are chiseling our way down to find the hidden treasure!

My mom hammered some more and muttered something about Renaissance sculptors. They made this stuff look so easy.

“Look! Something is there!” cried Captain Claude. “Could it be the PSUUP?”

He brushed it off gently.

There was an audible gasp as we both stared at it.

I picked it up carefully as it seemed to glow in my paw.

“I think this belongs to you, Captain Claude,” I said. “A pirate treasure for a pirate!”

“Thank you matey! At last, the PSUUP has been found! Arrrr!” he said.

“Yes, this is wonderful news!” I replied.

But… we’re still not sure what exactly the PSUUP can do! Maybe it will be a good paperweight or something?


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