Some fun stuff!


Hey everyone! I’ve got some cool stuff to show you. I received some treats a while ago from a friend but forgot to post about them. I think you’re gonna like this stuff!

If you are familiar with the LINE messaging app, there are some digital stickers you can download and use in your chats. One of the characters is a bear named Brown. There is also a LINE store with tons of merchandise.

This first item I received was a pen tray feature Brown the bear. It’s pretty handy, isn’t it?

I got got a zippered pencil case, also with Brown wearing a dinosaur outfit. This is really cute! Maybe I should get a dinosaur outfit also.

And what’s that? Aha! It’s a paperclip holder! Brown is on a yellow fishing boat.

It also comes with 10 fish-shaped paperclips…

…so that when you put a paperclip near his paw, his magnetized paw will pick it up!

Ah, how clever!

Thank you to my friend for sending me this gifts. I am a lucky bear indeed!



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