Mail from Sandy


Hey everyone, did you know that Sandy is single-handedly keeping the postal service beary busy? I checked my mailbox yesterday and found two letters from him!

The first is this light yellow envelope that has a lot of stickers on it. The envelope is really shiny and has a pearl-like lustre to it – cool!

And on the inside was a red card with some intricate cut-out design.

When I opened the card, a huge dragon popped out at me! Wow, this was so cool! Sandy is thanking me here for the sticker I sent him recently.

The second piece of mail came in a larger envelope that also had stickers on it, Winnie the Pooh stickers to be exact.

Look at this beautiful card!

Sandy gave some interesting updates in his card. He might be going on a long road trip to visit Gramma, and visiting Rose and Otto the Otter. Thank you beary much Sandy for the mail!


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