Perler bead kit


I received something beary cool in the mail last week from a friend! It was a Perler bead kit with a Super Mario theme! Of course I am wearing my Super Mario hoodie while I talk it about it today.

It’s a large bucket of beads that can be used to make sprites. Just arrange the beads in the design or pattern you like, then iron it to melt them together.

I can pick from 11 sprite designs in this kit. It comes with a pegboard for holding the beads, and also a piece of wax paper for ironing. I’m going to pick the question mark block.

Now, I carefully start the first row of beads. You have to be very patient. My friend Ooogie would probably like this project.

*some time later*

Okay, now I’m about halfway there! Any slight tip or movement of the pegboard will mess things up. I did that quite a few times.

Alright – there! All the beads have added to this design.

Now it’s time to iron it so all the beads melt together. I will defer to my mom for this part. Be careful as the iron is very hot! Once I iron one side, we’ll have to flip it over and do the other side also.

And we’re done! It look pretty cool, huh? I might glue some magnets on the back of this sprite. Do you have any other suggestions for using this sprite?



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