Bedtime story


“Hi Uncle Tibbs, can you read me a bedtime story?” I asked.

“Sure, Ajdin,” he replied.

I handed him the book Little Bear’s Visit.

“Oh, it’s the Little Bear series! I always loved reading these when I was little,” he said. He began to read.
“One day, Little Bear came to visit Grandmother and Grandfather Bear in their little house in the woods. This was something Little Bear liked to do. He liked to look at all the nice things, the pictures, Grandmother’s flowers, Grandfather’s toy goblin that jumped up and down in a jar and –“

“Uncle Tibbs,” I interrupted him, “can you try reading it with more emotion? It sounds a little boring.”

“Oh, uh, sure. I’ll try,” he said.

“Ahem… He liked to put on Grandfather’s big hat and say, ‘LOOK AT ME!‘”

“And he liked grandmother’s cooking VERY MUCH!

“That was better, Uncle Tibbs,” I said. “But even more enthusiasm! And maybe use some gestures too!”

“Bedtime story standards are high these days, huh?” he said. “Okay, I’ll give it another go.”

He continued reading.

“He had some BREAD and JAMCAKE and COOKIESMILK and HONEY, and an APPLE – MMM YUM!

“Little Bear LAUGHED – HAHAHA – and CLAPPED his PAWS!”

He was really getting into it now.

“Add sound effects!” I said. “Costumes! Props!”

“And something inside the cave went *BUMP*. What was that? BUMP! BOO! SWOOSH! And then he was so scared that he jumped right out of his shoes and began to run. PIT-PAT PIT-PAT PIT-PAT. What was that? Something was following him! OH MY!

“…and they lived happily ever after. THE END,” he finished. “So how’d I do, Ajdin? Ajdin?”


“Aww, he’s sleeping. Well… *yawn*… that was kinda tiring… *yawn*… for me, also. I think I’ll just take a quick —- ZZZZZZ…”

Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!


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