Today is my bearthday! Although I’m staying home to celebrate, I can still hang out with my friends and have a little party!

“Thank you!” I said.
“Okay, turn around Ajdin, and don’t look until we say so!” said Uncle Tibbs. I heard some shuffling noises in the background.



“Okay, you can look! Here’s your present!” he said.
I turned around.
“WOW!” I gasped. “It’s… A TIME MACHINE!”

“Weeeee aaaaaall heeeeeeeelped maaaaaaake iiiiit,” said Ooogie.

“Now you can go anywhere you want, any place and any time!” said Miss Feathers. “Hopefully this will make things feel less cooped up since you’ve mostly been indoors lately.”

“I’ve always wanted a time machine!” I said. “And look, there’s a time indicator on the front that you can select from.”
“Why don’t you step inside and take a look?” said Uncle Tibbs.
“Er… we had to make some adjustments to the main compartment in order to fit your snout,” said Miss Feathers. “But I think the little window is a nice feature!”
“This is SO COOL you guys!” I said excitedly. “I can’t wait to try it!”



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