Painting a mug


Hey everyone, today I’m going to finally get around to using this paint-a-mug craft kit! I just love crafts, don’t you?

This kit has everything you need to paint your very own ceramic mug. It’s perfect for tea and honey!

First, I’ll take out everything and set them up on a paper plate so I don’t get the counter dirty.

As for a design for my mug, I’m thinking I will add some spots with bits of tape, then paint over them for a dotted design…
Perhaps something like this?
Err, that didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, so I used a sponge to blot some paint around the mug like this!
Now the instructions say to bake the mug in the oven, but to do it slowly so it doesn’t crack! After it’s done, I’ll also let it cool down slowly.
And voila! My very own mug for drinking tea and honey!


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