Making a bouncy ball


Hello everyone, Ajdin here! Today, I am going to be making a light-up bouncy ball from this craft kit I have. I have a TON of craft kits that my mom got me recently to beat away the boredom. So let’s get started!

For starters, I’m going to put everything on a plate for easier cleanup. We have several pouches of what looks like small plastic pellets, a ball mold, and the light up battery part.

The light up battery goes inside the plastic mold… like this!
And then the mold snaps closed… like this!
Then the instructions say to fill the mold with the colored pellets. I alternate the colors to make a cool design.
After that, it’s time to dunk this mold in a cup of water. My mom is going to help out so I don’t get soaked!
The mold needs to soak for about 90 seconds.
After that, we’ll let the mold sit and dry for about 4 minutes. Waiting is hard, isn’t it?
Now I can finally open the mold to see the finished bouncy ball. Voilà! It’s an interesting mix of blue, green, and yellow colors. When I bounce it on the hard ground, it lights up for about 10 seconds. Cool!
Stay tuned for more arts and crafts projects! What have you made recently?


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