Mail update


We interrupt this road trip recap with this mail update!

I received some cool mail from Sandy!

How do I know it’s from Sandy? Well, he has his very own postage stamp. I used to have some of myself also, but ran out. I will have to reorder some. There’s nothing quite like seeing your face on a postage stamp.

And if there was any doubt, he also put a sticker of himself on the back of the envelope.
The first envelope appears to be a distress call, that says “Things are getting worse” on the front.
And it says “Please send chocolate” on the back. Oh no, things must be very terrible!
Oh, it’s a lovely Easter card with a bunny on the front. How nice! Sandy says he is doing a lot of exploring and hiking lately, and will be supervising some house renovation projects.
The other envelope contained a few postcards. Did you know a group of badgers is called a cete?
And quite possibly my favorite postcard ever… is one of Paddington Bear!

Thanks for the mail, Sandy!

We’ll get back to our road trip shortly!


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