Mega Road Trip, part 3 – Route 66


Our Super Duper Road Trip continues! After leaving the Grand Canyon, we headed south and stayed at a town called Williams, Arizona. This town is known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” and has a train station with trains going to the Grand Canyon Village.

This is me in front of one of the trains. We didn’t ride on it, though.

Williams also lies on the historic Route 66 highway, one of the original highways in the U.S. Highway System. Let’s take a look around!

You’ll see lots of flags flying in this town.

And classic cars like this one…

Maybe I should paint my car this color?
We also walked by Pete’s Gas Station Museum. It was closed and we could not find Pete, but we did peek inside and saw lots of memorabilia. I can’t believe fuel pumps used to look like this!
Me in front of a nice, rusty, old kerosene pump.
I ran into a fellow bear as well. Hello there!
And here’s another classic car just parked on the street!
In one of the souvenir shops, there was an Elvis Presley “The King” fortune teller. Pure Americana!
That’s our visit on this part of Historic Route 66! I wonder where our next stop will be…


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