Mail call


Hello! This is Uncle Tibbs filling in for Ajdin today. The little guy asked me if I could do today’s mail call post, so here I am!

We have a couple pieces of mail to review. It looks like they were a bit delayed, but that’s ok.

The first one is a Valentine’s Day card from Sprinkles the bear. Aw, how nice.

And the second card is a recycled handmade art piece from Beanie Mouse.

Beanie writes, “Hope you have (had) a wonderful Christmas!” There’s also a little button pin. I’ll make sure Ajdin gets it.

Let’s take another look at the envelope this card came in. It’s a pizza menu! Mmm… pizza. I think I’ll order a pizza for dinner… make it extra extra extra large… with pepperoni and sausage and anchovies…
Thanks for the cards, everyone!



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