Mail from Sandy


Yo yo yo, what is up everyone? Today, I’ll be showing you all the fun mail I received from Sandy over these past few weeks. So I need to check my mailbox more often…

First up is a plain typed letter congratulating me on medaling in the Winter Stuffie Olympics.

There was a prize enclosed also – a NASA pin! Cool! I can’t wait to wear this on my astrobear suit.

Next is an envelope with shamrock stickers. And some very cool postage stamps also!

It’s a St. Patrick’s Day card from Sandy!

The card has a maze inside and a nice note from Sandy. I love mazes. I can’t wait to do the maze.

And then there is an envelope decorated with flowers, Easter eggs, and butterflies. Sandy has quite the sticker collection going on!
An Easter card! Sandy tells me they have been up to lots of geocaching lately. I’ll have to try that out here sometime.

Thank you for all the beary cool mail, Sandy! I love the pin!


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