Honeybee Tree game


Hey everyone! Have you heard of this game called Honeybee Tree? Someone was giving it away, so of course I took it. I can’t wait to play it. Based on the name alone, it’s gonna be good!

The instructions are on the back.

 Wow, there are a lot of pieces!
So the first step is to assemble the base which is a tree trunk. The tree trunk rotates so that it can be facing each player when it is their turn. Next, I’ll add the beehive on top.

The beehive has holes in it. I will take the stems and leaves and insert them into the hive, making sure their ends are sticking out on the other side.

See, just like this! All the leaves have been put in the beehive.
And now, for the bees! There are many bees here — oh yes, honey, mmm — and now I’m going to put them inside the hive.
The bees are inside! Now we are ready to start the game. Each player will take turns pulling out a leaf while trying not to disturb the bees inside. If the bees are disturbed, they will fall to the bottom of the tray. The player with the least number of bees wins the game.
But first, I need someone to play with.
“I’ll play with you!” said Uncle Tibbs.

“Okay, I’ll go first,” I said. I carefully pulled out a leaf. No bees came out!

“Alright, I’ll have a go,” said Uncle Tibbs. He pulled out a leaf.
Some bees came out.
“Ahhh, darn. I thought I was being careful,” he said.
“Oh whoops!” I pulled some bees out.
We took turns until there were no more leaves left.
“Alright Ajdin, I have 17 bees here. How about you?”
“I have 12 bees, Uncle Tibbs. I won!”
“Good game!”
Have you played this game before?


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