Mosaic kit


Hey everyone, I’ve got my craft apron on, so that means we are crafting today!

Today I’m going to make a mosaic of a bee with this cute little kit. It has been sitting around for months and I FINALLY get to make it today.

So I’ll first lay out all the materials on some newspaper and see what we’ve got. A mold, some glass pieces, and a bag of cement.

Next, I’ll trace around the mold on the newspaper.

This is to make it easier when arranging the mosaic tiles, so now I have an idea of how I want to lay out the pieces.

And now, for the messy part… mixing the cement. I’ll leave this to my mom who is mixing it with gloves. I don’t want cement on my fur.

We carefully pour the cement into the mold.

Then, we arrange the tiles on the cement. (Editor’s note: Multiple attempts were required for this step and it got very messy).

I think it turned out great! I’m going to let it dry overnight.

Have you made a mosaic before?



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