Beary belated mail post


Hey everyone, wow… is this post late or what? I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog posts, or should I say, my SECRETARY has a lot of work to do!

But better late than never (I think)… so here are some things I’ve received since… CHRISTMAS! 😦

First up is a postcard from my friend Fritzel. Fritzel lives in Germany. Guten tag, danke!

Next is a letter from Sprinkles the Traveling Bear. It’s a card with the late and great Chester the dog. Chester was an awesome dog and will be missed.

And finally a card from Sandy… wait a second, is that Ooogie on the postcard? Sandy went to Mexico around Christmas time and had a great trip!

Thanks for all the postcards everyone! And I’ll post soon about updates with me, including why I’m wearing a Hawaiian shirt…



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