Boxers or briefs?


I received a package from my friend Sandy a couple weeks ago.

He also sent along a postcard with salmonberries on the front. Sandy wrote that he got these boxers sometime ago for a Bob T. Bear challenge and thought I might like them.

I was beary intrigued, as I have never had boxers before. I looked inside.

And there they were – a pair of BearBoxers.

I had never seen such a thing before in my life. But now I felt conflicted, as I had to struggle with my feelings of disdain for pants and related clothing.
Would I be brave enough to try them on?

Well, here goes nothing. Give me one moment please.

Uh, hello? Are you still there? This is a bit embarrassing. Should I come out? It’s not that often that I walk around in underwear.

Ok, what do you think?

The fit is comfortable, more comfortable than pants. And I can definitely see myself lounging around in them.

I will say… I rather like them!

Thank you beary much, Sandy, for these boxers!



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