Hawaii, part 4


Hi there! Glad you could make it to the BIG ISLAND of HAWAII! We are staying at this cute little AirBnb on the island and —

“WELL HELLO THERE!” a familiar voice said.
“Let me guess. It’s Droopy,” I replied.
“Looks like we’re booked at the same AirBnb! It’s pretty cool and has a loft with ladder access,” he said.
“Oh, that sounds beary cool!” I said.
Now let’s take a ride out to the Hawaii Volcano National Park. There are a lot of steam vents on the way to the volcano like the ones you see here. Be careful when walking around! Some people have fallen in and gotten hurt, or worse…yikes.
Here we are at the Kīlauea Volcano viewpoint. Unfortunately, the volcano stopped erupting 3 days before we arrived, so there was no flowing lava to see either during the day nor at night. *sigh* But that’s how it is with Mother Nature – we have no way of controlling it! This just means that we will have to come back again to see it in action.  😉
There also happened to be a hula performance going on in the park! We were lucky to see it.
We drove around the southern part of the island and stopped at Black Sand Beach. Yep, the sand here is black alright!

The shores are made of black volcanic rock. Be careful! They are extremely sharp and feel like broken glass if you fall on them.

Hey, wait! I see something interesting over there. It looks like a few large smooth rocks… or is it?

They are actually Hawaiian green sea turtles! The Hawaiian name is honu and they symbolize wisdom and good luck. They are an endangered species. This part of the beach has been roped off to allow them to come onto shore and rest. Maybe they will lay eggs here.

He or she seems to be sleeping – how cute! I will have to tell Ooogie I saw some of his relatives.
Here is a cool shot from a different part of the beach.
We drove around some more and saw more beautiful scenic views!
Stay tuned for our last and final stop on this Hawaii trip!


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