Hawaii, part 5


And then, we finally made it to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park. This is a sacred place that was a place of refuge for defeated Hawaiian warriors and those sentenced to death for violating kapu, the code of conduct.

This sanctuary was protected by Lono, the God of Life, as the native Hawaiians believed. Once you made it here, no physical harm could be done to you.
There used to be several platforms built from rocks on which dances and songs were performed.
We can still see what life was like back in those days. Here is a hut for canoe making. They were very resourceful and used whatever they could find in nature.
Alright, let’s go check out our next AirBnb. This is on the western part of Hawaii island. This property has several papaya trees growing. What a view!
I also stopped by a fruit stand and bought a cacao fruit. This is what chocolate is made from. Let’s open it up and have a nice big bite of choc–
Wow, this is not what I expected at all. It’s very fibrous, and white, and has a slightly sweet taste. A lot of work has to go into this before it turns into chocolate.
For breakfast, we had a scrumptious meal with fresh fruit from the backyard! Yes, there are banana trees here also! I’ve gained quite a few pounds on this trip.. but it’s been worth it.
We highly recommend this place if you visit. It’s called Hale Hoola: http://www.hale-hoola.com/
I’ve really enjoyed my time in Hawaii and I hoped you liked following along.
I’ll leave you with a nice sunset view…



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