So, my bearthday was back in August and I received a piñata that I’ve been meaning to post about.

In case you don’t know, piñatas are filled with candy inside, so I’m going to fill mine with leftover candy from Halloween.

This is a bunch of chocolate candy. I think Twix is my favorite from the selection here. What about you?

Next, I am going to blindfold myself.

No, I’m not peeking! Okay, well maybe just a little bit.

Next, I am going to swing at this piñata with a stick in hopes that the candy will come out.


And another *SWISH*

Okay, I am really going to hit it hard with this last stroke…



I completely missed and landed flat on my back.


Hey, you know what? This is a lot of work. I think it’s a lot easier to just take the candy out and eat it. Want a a piece?


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