Another mail haul


I’m back with another mail haul! It’s so great getting fun mail instead of bills, isn’t it?


The first card is a Halloween card from Sprinkles the Bear. Very cute and I hope Sprinkles had a fun Halloween!


The next is a photo card from Little Fox. One of the photos is Little Fox on a hiking trip as per usual, and the other is… a picture of him visiting Sandy. Or wait… is that Sandy visiting Little Fox? I can’t keep track because I know there were some stuffie swaps over the past summer!

Next is a big Halloween card from Sandy!

There are a lot of fun stickers inside this card so I’ll show you the inside also.


The next card is also from Sandy! It’s a foam sticker postcard of an astronaut, yes that’s perfect for me! I’m still waiting for my space shuttle after all these years…


Thanks for all the mail everyone!


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