A few days ago, my mom got me my own aquarium!  Now this is not your ordinary aquarium.  It already had some fish inside of it, and the instructions on the package said the fish would GROW.  All I had to do was to add some water.
I took the aquarium out of the package.  This is what it looked like:
Then I filled it up to the very top with water.  Mmm… these fish look good.  I wonder if they are the edible kind.
The instructions say to give the fish a few days to GROW.  So I’ll put it down right here and we’ll check back on it later, okay?
Okay, welcome back!  This is day 2.  The fish have gotten bigger, can you see?  Let’s wait another day to see just how big they can GROW.
And here we are at day 3!  Look at how big the fish have gotten.  Mmm…fish…
Do you have an aquarium?


  1. An aquarium! What a lucky bear you are!
    Thank you for the fun card! The card has some partial French on it, and Ben says it likely means, "Parlez-vous français?" Do you speak French? Thanks again!


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