Pirate Ship


Hello everyone.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Today I am going to —

I was interrupted by a scuttling noise.

It was the lobster I caught over the summer.  I was about to grab him but then I remembered what happened last time.
“You again?” I said.
“Arrr, ’tis me alright,” he replied.  “I don’t believe we were properly introduced last time matey.  The name is Claudius Cavendish III , but you can call me Captain Claude for short.”
“Ajdin Adilovic,” I said, shaking his claw.  “And don’t worry, I’ve lost my appetite for lobster since last time.  What can I do for you?”
“I am requesting assistance for my ship.  She seemed to have a rough encounter with the rocks by the shore and I need some help putting her back together.  Would ya help me, kind lad?”
“I’ve never built a ship before,” I said.  “I’m not sure if I can do it.”
“Arrr!” he snapped.  “Pirates don’t give up!  C’mon, don’t you want to go on a treasure hunt?”
I carefully picked up a piece of the ship, then I started fitting the pieces together.
I built a sail.  I was really getting into it now.
“Arrr, that’s it matey!” Captain Claude said excitedly.
“You’re a natural at this lad!” he said.  “How about testing your sea legs with me after this?”
Soon after, the ship was done.
“Not yet,” Captain Claude said.  “She needs a new lick of paint.”
“And finally, give her a new name,” he said.
I thought for a moment.  “How about…the HONEY RAIDER!”
“What a beauty,” Captain Claude said.  “Now every pirate needs a good ship, but also a good crew.”
Where was I going to find a good pirate crew?


  1. Captain Claude is sure an interesting character, I wonder where he has been hiding all these months? Probably under a rock in the backyard or something. I think you should test the boat to see if it's sea worthy,do you have a life jacket?


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