Pirate adventure


Where was I going to find a good pirate crew?

I decided to ask Uncle Tibbs and Ooogie if they would be willing to be part of my pirate crew.

“It could be dangerous,” I warned.

They made up their minds without a moment’s hesitation.
“ARRR!!” Uncle Tibbs said.
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” Ooogie said.
And with that, my pirate crew was assembled.  I went back to Captain Claude to ask about next steps.  I am a newbie at this, after all.
“I have a ship and I have a crew,” I said proudly.  “Now what do I do?”
“Arrr!  Now you need a treasure map matey,” Captain Claude said.  “And I happen to have one right here!”
We gathered around to study the map.
It looked like it would be a dangerous journey.  (I am not sure why we were not going to navigate through the Salmon Bay waters instead of around it.  Perhaps after I have more experience as a pirate I can set my own navigation routes.)
Thus began the virgin voyage of the HONEY RAIDER…


  1. Good point Droopy! Luckily Ajdin looks like he can steer a straight course – as long as he doesn't get tipsy on honey mead. I think the treasure map leads to the famous Oak Island where there is supposed to be a treasure trove of humongous proportions!

  2. As a pirate feel free to break the rules, sail through Salmon Bay ( and maybe spend a few days there) then continue onto the treasure, arr……. the treasure has been buried for years what's a few more days?


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