Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you about —

“Aaaaaajdin.”  I was interrupted by Ooogie.

“Hello Ooogie,” I said.

“Caaaaan youuuu heeeeeelp meeeeeee pleeeeease?” he asked.

“With what?”

“Myyyyyy taaaaaaxes,” he said.

I looked at the calendar.
“Ooogie, today is April 16.  Taxes were due yesterday for us stuffies in the USA.”
“I knooooooooow,” he said, “buuuuut I’m sloooooow.”
I thought for a moment, remembering what I had learned from last year’s tax preparation.  “Well, that’s alright,” I said.  “You can file a Form 4868 for an extension to file.  Do you have a tax software program?”
“Ah, TurtleTax.  Yes, I am familiar with that program.”
I put the TurtleTax CD into the computer.  Then we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited some more.
It took such a beary long time to load that I had time to take a nap.
After some time, TurtleTax finally loaded onto the screen.
“Alright Ooogie,” I said.  “I’ll just start by entering your basic information here.”
“Ooogie, did you receive any W-2s from last year?” I asked.
“Yesssssss,” he answered.
“Ah that’s right, you worked as Santa’s helper over Christmas.”
“Here’s another question, Ooogie, and one that could get you some substantial tax benefits.  Did you own your own home in 2014?”
He pointed to his turtle shell.
“Ah yes, I guess that will do,” I said.
After answering some more questions, we were finally done.
“Alright Ooogie, now we can file your tax return,” I said.  I clicked on the e-file button but received an error message.
“Ooogie, this is strange – it must be a setting only on the TurtleTax edition.  We cannot e-file your tax return.  We have to print it out and mail it in.  It may take several weeks, or months, before you receive your refund.  Is that okay?”
“Thaaaaaat’s fiiiiiiiine,” he replied.  “I’m iiiiin noooooo hurryyyyyyy.  Thaaaaaank youuuuu Aaaaaajdiiin foooor heeeelping meeeee.”
“No problem Ooogie!” I said.  “Now we can go relax and do something fun!”
Phew!  Are you glad your taxes are done?


    • According to US tax law, stuffies can deduct their wardrobe costs if it is a uniform or something they have to wear for work. Perhaps you can make the case for that in your Canadian law Sandy….

  1. Hmmm… Mama says she's going to see if I can qualify as a non-profit corporation – cause I work hard on my blog but don't derive any profit from it. Hmmm… that might work. And of course, my wardrobe is part of promoting the blog…

    Jerry, I think you might want to take a peak at the tax laws, cause I've never heard of dish-washing as being a form of payment…


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