Election results UPDATE!


As you might know, I ran for President in 2016 with my trusty friend Parker as my running mate.

We ran a strong campaign and got many stuffie voters to the polls. Ooogie is the election official and has been thoroughly counting all of the votes. Let’s check in and see if he’s done counting yet.

“Oneeeeee huuuundreeeeed thirrrrtyyyyy seeeeeeeeen milllllion niiiinnnee hunddddreeeeed nineeeetyyy ninneeeee thoussssanddd, nineeeee hundreeeeed aaaaaand nineeeeeety nineeeeee…”

“Hey Ooogie, what’s up?”

“Hiiiii Ajdiiiiiin.”

“How’s the ballot counting going? Are you almost done yet?” I asked.

“It’ssss goinggggg weeeell. I juuuuusttt haaaaaveeeee oneeeeee mooooreeeee tooo gooooo…”

“Oh great! I have been eagerly waiting for the results for a long time!” I said.

“Nooooow wheeeere wassss I,” he continued.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I seemeeeed tooo haaaavee looosst counnnttttt,” Ooogie replied.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to distract you!”

“I guesssss I haaaave tooooo staaaartt oveeeeer…”


“Oneeeeeee… twoooooooo… threeeeeee…”

I can’t believe it! We were *this* close to learning the final results. It’s going to be another few years I guess.


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