Ooogie gets fired


This morning, I was looking for Ooogie but could not find him anywhere. Then I saw him — or just his shell — in the living room.

“Hello?” I said, tapping the shell gently. “Is anyone home?”

Ooogie stuck his head out, but he looked very sad.

“Oh, what’s the matter?” I asked him.

“I wasssss fiiiiired,” said Ooogie.

“Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that!” I said. “From which job? I know you have several jobs.”

McDonaaaaald’s,” he replied.

“Oh hmm, I see.” (I could kind of see why he was fired from McDonald’s but I didn’t say anything.)

“Well, don’t worry about that. Humans get fired all the time! You’ve just got to find the right job for your skills and talents. And you have many!” I tried to encourage him.

“Buuuut whoooo waaaaaants to hiiiiiire sooooomeone sloooooow?” he replied.

“Ahh… hmm… now just give me a moment….” I tried to think of something, but nothing was coming to mind. There must be some type of job out there that is perfect for Ooogie… something… slow…

“AHA! I’VE GOT IT!” I said. “Ooogie, I think I have the perfect job for you!”



  1. Fast isn’t always best. Slow and steady win the race. 🙂 I think anything that has to do with attention to detail and being careful would be the best job for those who are slow/like to take their time. Good luck Ooogie!

  2. I am sorry Ooogie, My sister and brother-in-law used to work at McDonald’s but here in the country it can be slow but you still have to have food cooking. Maybe you could make diamond paintings because they are amazing and take a long/careful touch. I know you can find a new job. Sincerely, Rollingonward


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