Ooogie’s New Job

After Ooogie told me about getting fired from McDonald’s for being too slow, I reached out to a few contacts and was able to help him find a new job – one more suited for his natural skills and talents!
Let’s see how he’s doing on his first day of work.
“Hi Ooogie!”
“Hiiiii Ajdiiiiiiin.”
He is a crossing guard! This is the perfect job for him!
“Pleeeeeeease stoooooop youuuuuur veeeeehicle,” he said, flipping to the stop sign.
I stopped my car to let everyone cross. (I guess summer school is in session.)
“Thank you Mr. Ooogie!”
“You’re the best, Ooogie!”
“Mr. Ooogie is so cool!”
The kids all seem to love him. He has a beary important job, doesn’t he?
“I looooove myyyy jooooob,” Ooogie said.
When everyone had safely crossed the road, he flipped over the sign.
“Goooooo sloooooow,” he said.
“Bye Ooogie! See you later,” I said, as I drove away, slowly of course. I’m so happy for Ooogie! I think he will do much better in this job, don’t you think?
I was relieved my friend Ooogie was doing much better, but later when I got home, I saw Miss Feathers in a frenzied state.
“THEY CAN’T FIRE ME…BECAUSE I QUIT!!!” she squawked.
“Miss Feathers, what’s the matter?” I had never seen her so upset.
“All I ever tried to do was to make things fasterquicker, and MORE EFFICIENT,” she huffed. “And what do I get for that? Fired! Are you kidding me?!”
She had crossed out “STOP” and “SLOW” on the traffic control sign and replaced them with “GO” and “FAST”.
“They said I was too fast!” she continued. “Imagine that, harumph!”
“Hmm… Miss Feathers,” I said gently, “have you ever thought about working someplace where it’s a good thing to be fast? Perhaps… at McDonald’s?”


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