HELLO EVERYONE! It’s me, Ajdin, and I am beary excited to write my first blog post in several months!

A lot of things have happened since last time. I moved to a new bearcave and have been helping my mom with a lot stuff. My car – as well as some of my stuffie friends – are still in storage, but don’t worry, we will rescue them soon. Anyways, I will catch up on that later (including the delayed results for the Stuffie Olympics) but for now, I will be making a reindeer holiday ornament to put on the Christmas tree.

First, let’s spread out all of our materials in this craft pack. We have different beads, strong monofilament thread, and a pipe cleaner.

This is going to be fun.

I am following the instructions and this is what I have so far. I think this is the bottom of the reindeer’s nose.

Or… is it actually my nose? Hey, this kinda looks like me. Let’s keep going…

We’ll make some loops with brown beads for the ears, add red beads for the hat, and some clear beads for antlers. And here it is!

Now let’s hang it on the Christmas tree.

It looks great on the tree. I hope you have a beary Merry Christmas! What are you doing for Christmas this year?




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